Monday, November 16, 2015

Transfer P-Day, No Transfer for the Sickos!

16 November 2015

So this is transfer P-day and we only have like 1/2 an hour (instead of 1.5 hours) to email so if you could tell everyone that I didn't ignore their emails, I just literally had a very large lack of time.

This week has been great! Elder Andrus and I will be staying in the same area this next transfer (which goes until the few days after Christmas). I am so excited to be staying here! It is very likely that I will stay here another 12 weeks (so 6 months total). We have had a great time together, Elder Andrus and I and are very excited to be spending another transfer together, especially now that the work seems to be picking up and we are seeing a lot more success in our area. We have a lot of great things happening here in the Foothill Ward, and are looking forward to seeing a lot more come and to continue our efforts in this work.

I am beginning to think that this ward is cursed with bad health, as Elder Andrus and I seem to have caught every ounce of illness and injury to sweep Southern California but that still hasn't let us get our spirits down! We are excited to be working and to be serving the Lord's children in this area. We just pray that no more sickness or illness comes into our companionship.

Here is the current tally of our bad health-related luck:
Me: Cold in the MTC/first week in Cali, broken ankle/ 9 weeks in a boot + physical therapy, 
and this week: food poisoning :( 
Elder Andrus: Cold, knee problems, and the flu.
I think Satan wants us to be discouraged!

I really liked our ZDM this past week. Being encouraged to be those missionaries who are "On Fire" and excited to share the gospel and work hard is so great and was really motivating. It made me really reevaluate my attitude and help me see that improving my attitude will greatly improve our overall missionary efforts. Ether 12:2-3 really stood out to me and I was so excited to look through those verses through the lens of an ever-inadequate but ever-trying missionary who is looking to be able to serve his Heavenly Father as well as possible. I really liked the fire that came from that and hope to keep it up and be the missionary that the Lord can be pleased with; one that works, as Ether did, with fire in his heart and as diligently and tirelessly as possible from sun up to sun down.

I brought a picture frame to put pictures of you all in, and the design was very poor and just putting the picture in the way the instructions said to caused the glass to break on one of them :(

Our district and zone got very changed up but I am very excited for this next transfer! The new transfer holds a lot of good! I can't wait! It is sad to see all the old missionaries who's time is up start to head home though!

Yes, we still have one investigator on date for baptism and hope to get the other one back on date as well as his wife. The church is releasing a new video for Christmas and asking all the members to share it with non-members so ask the missionaries to ask how you can help invite others to come to the feet of our Lord and Savior who's birth we celebrate this time of year and how a knowledge of Him can bless each person's life! 

I love you lots! Have a great week


Your Elder Jackson

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