Monday, May 16, 2016

First Week as a Trainer

It's been another great week here in the El Cerrito ward, even if it has been a bit hot. It was definitely a busy week with all of the meetings we had (I was with another Elder, Elder Uasike, who was also training, in his area all day Monday, we had the trainer/trainee meetings all day Tuesday, and Zone Meeting Wednesday!), but we still were able to see some great success and it was such a blessing! 

Elder Mounts (aka My Son)
Elder Mounts is doing very well for his first week. He is loving being here and does a good job at testifying. I think he is a lot more comfortable and adjusting quicker to the mission than I did when I came in. I am trying to help him as best as I can and set a good example of hard work and diligence, as well as having the faith to accomplish what we are called to do.  As far as teaching, he does a great job of testifying and I think he is a natural there. He seems to be happy and doing about as well as you can do! I am excited to see what the next 11 weeks hold and know it'll be a good two transfers! I have definitely realized how much I need to continually study the Fundamentals from Preach My Gospel and continue working on Christlike attributes. I am really enjoying learning from Elder Mounts and trying to help him in any way I can. I hope, with all of my heart, that I am doing a job that you and the Lord can be proud of. I will keep leaning on the Lord and trying my best and I know things will all work out!

One of the favorite experiences of mine this week was when I was really trying. really for the first time, to try and apply stories from the scriptures to either my life or, more importantly, the lives of those whom we teach. I have really wanted to do it before but have never had any luck. I guess I wasn't praying enough for the help of the Spirit or pondering what I'd read thoroughly enough before, but I was more determined this time. I ended up having some great help come to me in Luke 5 where the man taken with palsy is lowered through the roof to be healed by Jesus. It stood out to me how there are people who need to be healed, and only Christ can do it, but they cannot make it to His feet on their own. We need to be those friends who would carry him there, and when the first way doesn't work, instead of giving up, we climb over whatever obstacles we need to to get him to Christ. We have friends who are in need, but unless we act, they cannot receive the healing they deserve. We must do all we can to help others come to Christ--whether full-time missionary or not. There is nothing more important than being changed through Christ's Atonement and preparing to live in God's presence after this life. Nothing. And we need to help others do that.

We had a miracle last night! It was 8:30 at night and we were just about ready to go to our last appointment for the evening, and we were a little behind on the number of new investigators we are supposed to pick up each week, but I knew if we did all we could, we'd find them. As we were walking in to our last appointment we met three high school seniors who knew some members in our ward and said we could teach them really quick. We did and they enjoyed it a lot! We picked them up as investigators! If we have faith, we can do all that we are asked to!

Elder Alexander Jackson and Elder Foy

We also had a fun redneck experience! (well not really that fun). There was a funeral for a 90+ year old lady in our ward this week. We were asked to help take down the chairs in exchange for lunch. We showed up and they were using bungee cords and rope to attach her casket into the back of a pickup truck. It was hanging out of the back and they were using a tarp to cover the end. They were talking about how much money they were saving by using their truck rather than a hearse. It reminded me so much of my Winnemucca and Kentucky roots that I couldn't help but laugh. I guess you really can't ever run away from redneck; it follows you wherever you go! 

That is really sad about Rita Backus. That really is too sad. Give them my best. So the Wadsworth's second oldest is heading out on a mission soon? That is really cool! She'll do great! 

I will keep trying my hardest and I know the Lord will continue to bless me! I love you so so much and am so grateful for all you do. I hope I am serving in a way that makes you proud! I miss you so much! Have a great week!


Your Elder Jackson

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