Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Savior Loved Mortality

We had a kind of interesting experience this week. We had a meeting at the mission office this past Thursday and when we showed up there was a ton of cars and trucks and people parked in the back of the church parking lot. Well, it turns out it was the Corona SWAT Team and they were using the parking lot as a staging area for a raid they were about to do in the area! And during the meeting we heard a handful of gunshots go off. I never heard any thing of the outcome, but it sure was not what I was expecting to hear or see on my way to the meeting! haha

This was another great week here in the Jurupa ward. It is sad to see so many wonderful missionaries be leaving and going home but the service they rendered here was fantastic and I am grateful that I was able to serve around many of them. One of the things that I learned about the Savior this week was in MLC about how much the Savior loved mortality. He absolutely loved being alive (Hebrews 5:7). He was more than willing to perform the Atonement, but giving up His time with us on this earth was something He did not want to do. The one thing He didn't want to give up He placed into the Father's hands. And that eventually led to Him dying of a broken heart on Calvary's cross. Giving our all can be tough, but we must be willing to work hard and give our all and be tried as was Abraham of old. But giving our will to God does not have to be a sad experience- even though it is uncomfortable at times- because we can find so much lasting peace and joy in doing the will of the Father. As we willingly submit to the Lord, we will become more like our Savior and we will come to love life and all that accompanies it. We will find joy in all that we do, and the wonder of being alive will fill our souls. Learning this really made me excited to be more diligent in seeking the Lord's will and then doing it. It also made me appreciate this time that I have to serve the Lord so much more meaningful! I have come to love and appreciate my mission more this week because of that, and that means a lot to me.

I am so glad to hear that you and dad are in the true spirit of Christmas this year! It is so easy to get caught up in the fast-paced rush of Christmas of giving and spending, but it is so wonderful to simply think about spending time with those whom we love; serving and loving others; and celebrating the truly amazing gift it is to have our Savior come down and be born so that He could fulfill His divine mission of performing an infinite Atonement so "that all mankind can be saved by obedience to the gospel and the ordinances thereof". Salvation through the Lamb is truly a gift that we don't deserve, but we should accept it and receive it with gladness and thanksgiving. We have so much reason to rejoice this time of year! Let us all turn outward and lift others' burdens and spread the Light we feel to the world!

 We had dinner with Sister Watterson's son and his family last night and they are such a great family! They are so missionary-minded and all they want to do is help spread the gospel! I'm so grateful that they moved into the ward and the happy coincidence it was to have the Lord have our paths cross. Maybe I'll see the clan again before I leave this area!

I also got to see Lake Hale again this weekend! He had a recent convert of his go through the temple this weekend so he came down for it. We had a ton of fun seeing him. I love that guy!

Like I said in my other email, there are some gnarly changes in the zone this transfer, but it is going to be a good one! 
We also had a member give us a real Christmas tree! I will snag some pictures of how I decorated it, but it makes the apartment seem so homey! 

Also, Satan is working over time on discouraging our newly baptized sister. If you could keep her in your prayers or put her name on the temple roll it would be great! She is so great, but Satan just will not give her a break and she can use all the help she can get. She's going through a really tough divorce and facing a lot of challenges emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially! Thank you so much!

 Love you so so much! Have the best week ever!


Your Elder Jackson :)

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