Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Love this Work!

That is so true! I come home this year! That is crazy to think about! I put my old calendar from last year away today and it was weird to think that I spent all 365 days of that year on a mission! 

That is cool to hear about the missionaries giving talks there. They seem to do that occasionally here, but I've only had to once. It sounds like they were pretty bomb talks though! I'm sure I'll be in the same boat when I am there on my last Sunday as a missionary.

Thank you for dropping my portfolio off. What all is in there; I can't remember. Do you have a digital copy you could send me? 

How was KY besides the cold KY rain and overcast skies? Did you see anyone besides Grandma? How is she doing? How are you feeling after visiting? I'm sure that is so hard. We have a couple of houses like the place grandma lives that we've been asked to teach people at and it is so sad to go there. I don't want to end up there. I don't want you or dad to end up at one either. I hope that you and dad live where ever I do. I'll always either buy a house next to yours or have a little casita that y'all can live in or something to that effect. I've lived away from you for long enough, I want you all close by!

This week has been amazing here in the Jurupa Ward! We are having an absolute blast with the work. The Lord is pouring out blessings on us like we can't imagine! We have been blessed as we've worked diligently and with faith. We were able to find a lot of people this week who were interested in hearing about the Restoration of the Gospel and who were willing to accept a baptismal date when we extended one (we have 12 people on date for baptism now!). We have also been blessed to be able to receive a lot of referrals recently which has greatly contributed to our success in finding the elect. I'd tell you about all the wonderful people we've found but it'd take too long! The most notable is a woman who is 60 years old. She has a myriad of health problems. She remembered seeing missionaries in Riverside a while back and wanting to talk to them. When she saw an add on Facebook, she decided to jump on it. She was excited to learn about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and quickly accepted a baptismal date. A member took her to church and she told the member that she really liked it! How great is that! I really hope I can stay in this area another transfer. I love it here so much!

This week I came to know the Savior more as I studied the Book of Mormon, in particular 3 Nephi 17. It was when the Lord groans because of our wickedness and then weeps for our faith. He prays for the Nephites and it is so powerful that no words can describe it. Then the heavens are opened and angels and fire encircle the little ones. This showed me how much my actions affect the Savior. He very much cares about what I am doing more than I do. He wants me to have faith and righteous actions more than anything. If I do, He will weep for joy. If I become as a little child, I will have angels to minister around me and will have the fire of the Holy Ghost round about me to purify and protect me. I was flabbergasted at how much He cares and what will happen if I simply follow His invitation to follow Him. It's so simple, yet incredibly difficult.

Abigail is doing well. She's still struggling a lot but I think she has a good foundation. She wants to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and she showed up to church this week. We set her up with a couple who are family history wizards. I think as long as she keeps on putting God first, things will work out eventually!

The work here is incredible. We picked up 10 new investigators, contacted 10 referrals, and have 12 on date. This area is so big! We have way more work to do than we can handle! I love it!

I love you and miss you so much! Have the best week ever! Travel safe!!


Your Elder Jackson :)

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