Saturday, September 5, 2015

     31 August
     QUOTES from Elder Jackson’s email this week:
  • v  “but Clorox fixes everything, right?” (when describing the way the previous missionaries left the apartment AJ moved into)
  • v  “The missionary here before me was here for 6 months and everyone loved him so I have some big shoes to fill!”
  • v  "The ward I’m in is super great! We get fed every night and they are all so nice!”
  • v  “I never really realized how selfish of a person I was until coming out here!”
  • v  “I don’t think it really hit me that this will be my life for the next two years until I went to sleep my second night here.”
  • v  “Street contacting is really weird and awkward.”
  • v  “Love you all and I’d love to hear from you!

In case you would like to write:
Elder Alexander Jackson
5900 Grand Ave
Riverside, CA  92503

ELDER JACKSON arriving at the Ontario airport.
He is halfway through his second week as a missionary.

Elder Jackson with President and Sister Mullen

Elder Jackson and Elder Cameron Loveridge
 (formerly of Winnemucca) met up in the MTC

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