Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of Teaching Going On!

We had a great week this week here in the our ward. It was slow, but it was good nonetheless. We were able to meet with our investigator Maria. We talked to her about baptism. We were able to discern her needs, and we invited. It was a great feeling to be bold in inviting her to baptism as we are counseled to do. It built my testimony of how when we are asked to do something, the Lord really does provide a way for it to be accomplished.

We were also able to see the Lord's hand revealed even further this week. We had a feeling we should stop by a few people, so we followed the prompting. The first was a Brother in our ward who has been going through a really hard time. When we arrived, he let us know that he had just got done praying for help 15 minutes before we had stopped by, unbeknownst of our plans. It was amazing and extremely humbling to be part of the physical answer to someone's prayer. Another time, both of us had felt prompted to stop by an area (even though I didn't know anyone there), but neither of us really had told the other. When we did, we were let in by a potential investigator and had a great lesson with him! Another time when we were street contacting we met a nice kid in high school named Robert. We had a great contact with him and for the first time on my mission, a potential actually called us! It was breathtaking! He said he wanted to talk more and asked if we were free in a few hours to eat lunch and talk more, to which we replied to the affirmative. We had a great lesson with him and picked him up as a new investigator! I was just amazed how much the Lord showers His blessings on you when you simply try your hardest to do His will and have a little faith. I hope I can always remember that! 

There is a new video, Hallelujah, that the Church released all about Easter. It is so powerful and I highly recommend watching it and trying to find 4 people to invite to watch it with! If they say no, it's alright! You were successful in inviting!

There is a really cool member in our ward who is an immigration lawyer who has offices all over the country. He is probably one of the coolest people I've ever met. He served his mission in Hong Kong. He is the High Priest Group Leader even though he is in his early 40s! He is super involved with helping others and is super involved in missionary work with us. He offered to take us out to lunch and we had a great time and he provided us with a bunch of people to see. He also had us help him teach his mission prep class and said that we are wonderful missionaries. He is one of the coolest and strongest people I have ever met and I really hope I can continue to learn more from him.

P-Day with the Zone!

We had Zone Conference this week. It was good but very long. We also had a meeting on how to help members realize how easy it is to be involved in missionary work and how there are different levels which we can do it at, and the easiest is just by reaching out and getting to know people outside your circle of friends: getting to know cashiers, bank tellers, and other people you meet. Just be friends with them! Help them have a better day. Smile to them! It makes a big difference! I can testify to that!

How does it feel to be knowing that you'll be a great-grandma here in a few months? The more I am on a mission and see these wonderful LDS families, the more I know that that is exactly what I want.  Marriage really is a divine and wonderful institution. I am so grateful for covenant-keeping and faithful families (like yours and dad's) who create a wonderful environment for raising kids and being a leaven in society. I can think of no better goal!

Our temple trip actually got postponed until this Friday, so we'll be going to the noon session then and I'll do the name then! I can't wait!

I hope you have a great week! Oh I saw a guy today when we were playing soccer who was leaving the Riverside mission when we came in (we met in the SLC Airport). He is playing football at Mesa Community College! Small world eh? It was cool to see him again.

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