Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter---Reflecting on the Last Week of the Savior's Life

This week I really learned a lot about losing yourself in the Lord's will. As it was Easter week, there were many opportunities that I had to study and reflect on the events that transpired in the last week of the Savior's life. I was so impressed throughout this whole week at His submissiveness and desire to do all that the Father asked of Him, not just part or most of it--all of it. I want to be like that. I want to be the kind of person that strives to always do exactly what the Lord has asked of me. I read in Luke about the good Samaritan and the compassion he had, even though the man he was helping was supposed to be an enemy. Are we not "an enemy to God"? Yet He has compassion on us. All He asks in return is for us to remember what He has done for us and to let that be our motivation to do what He has asked us to. I want to be a devoted disciple, and I want to do His will because I love Him. He lives and I know it. I feel it.

I really enjoyed Easter. It was so great. We had dinner with the Rees family in our ward (she's the Stake Young Women's President) and they had a huge feast with like almost 100 people there. They had so much delicious food and lots of awesome people to meet and talk to, a lot of them aren't members. I also found out they are adopting a young boy who's parents had drug problems! I was like, hey! That sounds familiar! haha. But it was a great Easter. I love being able to commemorate the day new life was assured to us all, and eternal life was secured to those who follow and love the Lord! What an incredible gift!

I am so excited! Transfers are today and I am getting a new comp. I am sad to see Elder Thompson go, but I am getting a super awesome new companion. His name is Elder Fischer. He was the Assistant to the President when I came in, and for the first 4 months of my mission. He is from North Carolina and is crazy good at basketball. He is an awesome missionary and works incredibly hard. He'll probably be a general authority one day. I know it'll be a lot of hard work and I'll be exhausted but I will learn so much and I know that I will be better because of it. This will be awesome!

This week was somewhat slow. We tried really hard to make this last week together really count but it didn't seem that our efforts were reflected. Almost the entirety of our lessons set up with investigators cancelled or didn't answer and it was rather heartbreaking, but it felt nice to know that we were really pushing and working on all cylinders. I am grateful to have been able to serve with Elder Thompson and for the wonderful man he is. He shows a lot of Christlike love for everyone and I was able to learn a lot from being with him. I am really excited to start serving with Elder Fischer as well. I know that he will teach me an immense amount and I hope I can become a better missionary, on all fronts, from serving with him. I know he is an incredibly hard-working and devoted missionary and disciple of our Lord, and it will be fantastic to grow from being with him.


Love you!

Your Elder Jackson

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