Saturday, September 17, 2016

The End of the Drought

We were able to break the "drought" here in Lasselle and had a baptism for Brother Uhila! It was so great. He was so excited to be baptized and he had about 50 people show up, both family and friends. He's a convert. He has so much support from his future in-laws and the members of the ward. His non-member family showed up and the Spirit touched both his mom and grandmother. Hopefully they will recognize it and that they can feel more of that 
by receiving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

               Rayli was also able to come and she was incredibly touched. She asked, "Can I just go get baptized right now?". Her fellowship, Jessica Garcia, went up and bore a powerful testimony of baptism and the truthfulness of the gospel. She was already excited to become a member of Christ's church, but she is bursting at the seams now! She came out from her interview dancing. Her mother and father are very supportive and she too has support from the ward and family in Redlands (who will be performing the ordinances of baptism and confirmation for her). In fact, she is planning on going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead just a few days after being confirmed. 
She truly is prepared.

Both of these wonderful people have greatly increased my faith. There really are elect people in every corner of every area and land. I'm so grateful for the Lord's blessings on them and us. I want to do my best to find more of them. Like was said in MLC, "there isn't just one convert waiting for me, there are hundreds." I must thrust in my sickle with all my might and find the ones who will hear the voice of the Lord and come.

Here are some pictures of the great baptism with Hila and transfers (my best buddy Elder Hagler is leaving to be a Zone Leader in the YSA ward and Elder Hale goes home!!! :(  

If Joseph Smith could stay positive and faithful in the wake of what he went through, there is no way that I can't. I want to do my best to always be as rock-solid in the gospel like you and dad. Thank you for never faltering in your faith and always stressing the importance of coming to church and remaining worthy. It has truly blessed my life. 

We are struggling with finding though since we have put all of our effort into teaching Rayli, Hila and Crystel. That is not alright, but we will repent and improve. It is such a blessing to be a missionary and be able to repent. We will find those who are prepared.

That missionary at Winnemucca does look identical to Jesse!! Holy cow! What is their address or email so I can write them?

Thank you so much for sending the shoes. I appreciate it. I got a letter from Pam (and Jacob) Wadsworth and it was really kind. Tell her I am working on a reply and that I greatly appreciate her sending it. It meant a lot. 


Your Elder Jackson

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