Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pushing My Hardest from the Intersection of Elder and Cool!

I got to help build a helicopter, we had zone pictures, we went to a yummy steakhouse, the intersection of "Cool" and "Elder" and some other fun times! ​


 I can't believe in 7 days I'll be giving you a big ol' hug!!! I can't wait! That will be so much fun!!  I love you and dad so much and I am so excited to see you. I plan on going as hard as I can this week. I am really excited because I think (and am praying) that our investigator Crystal R. will be getting baptized in the next week, on my last Sunday here in the mission! It's going to be awesome! 
It will be so nice to see Dad again, I am sure. I sure love that guy and am excited to see him too. He is great. Man, being on a plane that long unnecessarily would be awful. I'm glad you endured it well and made it safely! 

I think I will do cheer, but like you say as a side thing. I really want to succeed in my major at BYU so I will be doing all I can to get good grades. I feel so much more confident with school now and I feel that I can be a lot more wise and judicial with my time. 

This week was great! I really enjoyed MyPlan this week. It really taught me a lot about preparing for the future. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident. I enjoyed the approach they took to it as it was more about having an attitude of faith and continuing discipleship. It will be a great help to the adjustment of returning home. I have really felt the Spirit help me these last few weeks. He has helped me see that I can keep growing greatly these last few days of my mission. I am pushing my hardest and want to "leave it all on the field". 

I really enjoyed reading in Matthew 8:17 where it talks about Christ taking our infirmities. I visualized Him physically taking these infirmities from these people. A lot of the infirmities that He took were awful. I can only imagine the bravery and love it would take to willingly take upon Himself those terrible pains and weaknesses and infirmities. The love He has is amazing. I hope I can show my love for Him by being obedient!

I love you tons!! 
Elder Jackson :)

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