Thursday, August 3, 2017

It sure is getting close! It's weird that I have less days than Elder Broadhead has months, or even transfers! And yes, that is so cool about seeing the Mullens!

I'll admit though, I still don't feel like I am going home. It is weird to describe, but I don't think it has hit me yet!

That is so cool about the Mission President. It's a small world. So there is a boy in our ward (our Bishop's son actually) who is serving his mission in Guatemala. He just got a new mission president. The new president is the Moreno Valley Stake President's brother, President Schumway. He is from Elko. The stake president's son is also serving a mission in Guatemala, just a different mission. I'm sure the returned mission president you met was the one who was replaced by our stake president's brother! Small world eh? That is way cool! 

This week was another great one. There really are no such things as bad weeks when you are a missionary though. I love being out here. All of our hard work has seemed to pay off and we were able to pick up some awesome new investigators (including Crystal C., an investigator I had taught when I was here in this area last year!). It was way cool! We also had 3 people come to church, which is always a wonderful blessing. There should be quite a few baptisms coming up here in the next few weeks and months!

I was studying a lot for a talk I gave this week. I am still geeking out over Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk called "The Voice of Warning". It really paints super clearly that if we are to truly live the gospel, we must share it. I believe the two are reciprocal and cannot be done without each other. Ezekiel 33 shows very well that our neighbors' blood is on our heads if we do not sufficiently warn them. I think that is quite easy as a missionary, but I admit, that would be a little more challenging as a "regular member", but it is nonetheless important. We have to let love be our motive in sharing the gospel, and if we do not I don't think it ever comes across as effective. If we don't have love motivate us, I think that is where the fear of opening our mouth comes from. It connected for me to 2 Corinthians 8:9 where it says that Christ was rich but became poor (performed His Atonement) for us so that we through Him can too be made rich. If we are willing to do what He asks He will transform us. We can work all we want but it is only through Christ that we can leave poverty. Once we are lifted from poverty's grasp, it becometh us to let our fellowman how they too can be lifted by Christ. If we don't I feel that we are as dross and are as hypocrites. We must love not only God, but our neighbors. We have a serious obligation to warn.

Here are some pictures of a disgustingly huge truck we saw this week! Why some people like trucks that big, I don't know.

I hope you enjoy your time in KY! I love you so much!


Your Elder Jackson :)

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