Monday, April 4, 2016

Best Week of My Mission Yet!

New Companion

Wow! This week has been amazing. Easily the best on my mission. We picked up 10 new investigators and taught so many lessons. I have felt the Spirit so much and I have learned a ton from Elder Fischer. I saw so many miracles given to us from a loving Heavenly Father who helps us with His work in more ways than I can imagine. It was so amazing to see the powers of Heaven poured out on us as we worked hard, smart, and with diligence. I never knew how much the Lord would bless you just by increasing your faith and vision of what can be accomplished in an area and then promising to do all that you can to achieve that to which the Lord has called you to do. Just by adding those little things, along with a sprinkling of more boldness and a dash of persistence, the mood and success of the work here in the El Cerrito Ward did a complete 180! The amount of people we were able to find and teach went up tenfold. The Spirit and joy I felt while laboring in the Lord's vineyard also exponentially increased. I never have felt so happy working so hard while being so tired at the same time. I only wish I had known this earlier in my mission so that I could have seen this much more success earlier and I feel sorrow for the lost opportunities of having people brought unto Christ that means. I never want to go back to that. Thank goodness for the Atonement that makes it possible for us to always progress and never have to settle for who we are! I am excited for the rest of this transfer and the rest of my mission, to see what the Lord can accomplish through me if I keep up this hard work with faith.  

General Conference Weekend

The traditional conference brunch for the missionaries, Corona area, hosted by the Jones Family

General Conference was awesome! I swear it seems like all 10 hours only feel like 2 when you're a missionary. It goes so quickly and you learn so much. I am so grateful for prophetic council and guidance we receive and how it blesses our lives. It is amazing. We were really hoping our investigator Chris, who is now going through a nasty divorce, would come but he wasn't able to. Elder Fischer and I felt like there were so many talks meant just for him. Hopefully he can come next week! 

I agree, I think writing is very important! I just got done writing you a letter for your birthday and will try to send it soon. Hopefully it's not too late in getting there. I also got your Harry and David box. Thank you so much! It was so delicious. I really appreciate all you do! It sounds like your spring weather is great up there! It's been hot here the past few days. I really liked the pictures of Water Canyon. They look great! Elder Fischer complimented your calendar you sent me on how professional it looks. He likes the Gunpowder Creek pic because it looks like his home (he's from High Point, North Carolina).

Thanks for the pics of Brad and Taylor and sending him my email! That is really nice of you! That'd be great to hear from him. I'm glad things are going great for him. 

This week we played trashball (it's like ultimate Frisbee, but indoors with a soccer ball instead of a Frisbee) with glowsticks in the dark. It was super cool! I'll try to get pictures from other missionaries.

I miss you lots and it is so good to talk to you, as always! I love you so much! I hope you have a great birthday! Tell dad to give you a big bear hug for me! I hope it's the best birthday ever!

Love you!!

Your Elder Jackson

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