Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day was this week. Missionaries get to call home on Christmas and Mother's Day, two calls each year they are out. As a result this week's P-Day (Monday) email was short because I talked to Elder Jackson Sunday! What a Mother's Day gift!
Oh, his return date is August 15th! Flying into SLC!

This week was good. We honestly struggled to get as much done as we would have liked to due to circumstances outside of our control, but we made the most of it and tried to not let it get us down. On a day when we didn't seem to have 5 million things to do we made some goals, pled (I don't know if it's plead, pled, or pleaded haha) for the Lord's help in accomplishing them and then went to work full of faith that we would accomplish them, seeing as we had not seen much success all week. It felt so great to be putting all the let downs from the week behind us and to be working with joy and confidence. Our pleas were heard and we were able to find a family to teach and they were very open to hearing our message, despite having rambunctious kids they were tying to goal-tend. It was a miracle and we were so grateful. I am excited to have a fresh week ahead of us and to have lots of good to be done. There are no doubt people to be baptized here and we are going to do it. I fully believe that.

I really came to know the Savior through prayer this week. I feel like, as prayers so often do, my prayers had started on the "rote cylce" again and I knew they needed some spicing-up. I put a lot of effort into making it a conversation rather than a phone call. As I did I felt that the Savior really had experienced everything I had and wants to help me. I felt comfort and peace and I have tried to make my prayers just as meaningful since.

It was way good to talk to you too and it is unreal how soon I really will be home! I can't wait to see you and dad again! You two are my favorite and I can't wait to just hang out with y'all. It'll be so much fun. I will continue to make the best of the time I have left though. 

That is scary about the hacking! Ew. I'm assuming that doesn't have anything to do with the flags being at half mast today? Had you heard anything about that?

I love you a ton too! You are the best momma ever! I love you a bunch and I hope your Mother's Day was great! I can't wait to talk to you face-to-face in 3 months!


Your Elder Jackson :)

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