Friday, May 26, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hi there! Sorry about the late reply! We had some crazy stuff happen today and so we are just now being able to email. Elder Aland isn't getting transferred after all and he is going to be with my buddy Elder Dall's (who is going home tomorrow) companion, Elder Frazier. Elder Frazier was supposed to train a new missionary too but apparently he tore his ACL in the MTC and cannot come out on his mission. He is bummed but that type of thing happens! We also had to help like 3 different companionships move apartments. It doesn't help that it is like 96 degrees today. But alas, I am able to write you! I also got a really cheap haircut today and it doesn't look too good. Thankfully my hair grows quickly! 

This week was good. We were able to find some people. I am excited for this new transfer and the opportunity to be with a brand new missionary. I think that we will able to have a lot of success. It is weird though because this very well may be my last companion and I may not have any more transferring! That is crazy! I only have 12 weeks left and it will be busy with training, baptizing palagis and Samoans, doing MyPlan and having a brand new mission president come in. It's a weird feeling for sure to know that very quickly this whole life I've lived for the past 2 years will come to an end and I'll have to step back into the real world. It will be good though!

I came to know the Savior in Alma 31:38. I loved how it talked about sufferings that were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. I think that we suffer many things but they truly are swallowed up in the joy of our Savior. I look back on all that I have experienced on my mission with nothing but joy because of all the great things the Lord has done in my life for me and the miracles that have taken place. I feel that the Savior even had His pain and anguish from His life swallowed up in the joy of the redemption that Hi sacrifice made possible. He was the true example of allowing negativity to be completely swallowed up in the joy that comes from doing the Father's will. I want to continue to follow the example of Christ and be continually seeking the will of the Father so that my pains can be swallowed up in Christ.

I am really sad to see my good friend Elder Dall leave though. He's such a great kid. I have had a blast serving around him this past transfer and I am so pumped to be living close to him and hanging out with him next semester.

I really hope the missionary I train is way cool. I want to have a last comp that is really fun but also that I can get a lot of work done with. Thankfully, I've really enjoyed all of my companions and had a blast with all of them. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

Here are some pictures of service this week and pics of my drawings for a new t-shirt design that I am making! As well as a goodbye for Elder Dall! 

I love you tons and hope you have the best week ever! Let me know how everything goes with the meeting tomorrow! Love you and drive safe! Have fun in KY!


Your Elder Jackson :)​

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