Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We had stake conference this week and guess who got asked to speak?? Me. President Mullen called me on my birthday to ask. I couldn't tell if he was calling me for something else or to wish me a happy birthday, but I definitely wasn't expecting to be asked to speak! haha. It went well. His talk was on service/Just Serve, and my short talk was simply to accompany his. It was fun. I just hope I don't have to do it again since they had an RM speak too. I guess that's one of the perks of starting school a few weeks after getting home :)

I had a great birthday. This is my "Birthday Pyramid!"

This week was a fantastic one! We were able to be greatly blessed by the Lord! We were blessed particularly with unplanned finding opportunities. We were also able to be led to lots of people who were willing to accept a baptismal date. The coolest one of them all was someone who was at stake conference whom we had never met before. His name is Allan and he is married to a returned-missionary. We had heard that he wanted to take the lessons. We were hoping to be introduced to him at church. His wife called and asked if we could have a lesson with him after church. Well we thought they meant that evening, but they marched right up to us and asked if we could meet right then. Of course we were more than happy to do so. It was a powerful lesson and he is so prepared! He has already read over 100 pages of the Book of Mormon and feels it is good. He loves church and wants to serve a mission with his wife one day. He is preparing to be baptized on the 11th of June. He said he is willing to put in all the work he needs to in order to prepare for his baptism. 

Getting to "serve" again at March AFB Museum. Love this kind of service.

We also had a wonderful lesson with Alliyah. She loves what she's learning. She's feeling a little bit of opposition as she gets closer to her baptismal date. She missed church because her uncle died the night before and she was too distraught to come, however she felt the Spirit tell her to go. She ignored the prompting and said she felt bad. She then prayed for forgiveness without us even having to tell her! It was awesome! She even invited her friend to come to a lesson. Her friend loved it so much that she wants to keep taking the lessons too and be baptized the week after Alliyah! Her name is Selena.

I came to know the Savior much more during Stake Conference. I really came to know that I need to trust the first prompting of the Spirit. No matter what doubt comes our way after that, to stick to the things the Spirit told us to do in the beginning. That is something that I learned in interviews with President Mullen a few weeks back, but it was reaffirmed. I feel like the Lord was rebuking me lovingly for "sign-seeking", for lack of a better term. I can have no greater witness than from God, so why look for one. Simply trust what He gives you. Jesus was tempted in all points, like we are, but yet was without sin. He had every reason to doubt, especially when the devil came to tempt him and the Jews were mocking Him, yet He gave them no heed and looked only to the Father and relied on the witnesses he had been given. I need to be like that. I must "wait on the Lord" and His blessings.

Funny story for the week, we were going to leave for stake conference Sunday morning and as I am backing out Elder Aland I hear a loud screeching from a car slamming on the brakes. That is quite odd for slow traffic in an apartment complex on a Sunday morning. There is a huge skid mark on the pavement, and a car leaning awkwardly connected to it, just about 20 feet away from us. We see a lady get out and we go offer help and see what happened. She had gone over basically an inverted speed bump (the kind that are used for drainage) and somehow that had yanked the front wheel sideways, shearing off the bolts holding it on, causing the wheel to be ripped off and the drive shaft to be ground into the pavement. It was nuts! I don't know how on earth that happened- it had to be a million to one chances of that happening- but it was intense! We asked to help, but there was pretty much nothing we could do. It was memorable though! 


Your Elder Jackson :)

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