Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"A Sharp Object"

This week was really good. Again, we worked our hardest and looked for ways to improve, even though we didn't see a lot of results for our work. I truly think the Lord is testing us to see if we will keep being obedient and hard-working when we aren't seeing success right away. 

We experienced miracles this week! We had an appointment set up with our investigator. We had a team-up planned to come with us but when she showed up she said she needed to reschedule. So we did. The night we had an appointment planned with her we had another team-up planned. We were late going to pick him up but he was late coming too, so it all worked out! Then during the lesson, the concerns she brought up were those that only he could answer (it was about race, and both the investigator and our team-up are black so he was able to say things that we couldn't). She was able to feel the Spirit and we were able to help put the pieces together to help her understand the different things she was feeling (which was great because I was able to use some of what I had learned in feeling confusing spirits to help). It was great! I'm so thankful that the Lord orchestrated all of that so that we were all where we needed to be at the right time to help this child of God!

I was reading in D&C 121:34-46 this week and some wonderful things stood out to me! In verse 38 it says that if we do not live the way God has asked, especially as priesthood holders, we are left to "kick against the pricks". I looked up what a prick was. It described it being a sharp object. Kicking a sharp, pointed object would be very painful. I also remembered that in Acts 2 (also verse 38) it describes the Holy Ghost as "[pricking] in their hearts". So the Spirit taught me that living contrary to the way we are told to in D&C 121 will leave us to painfully kick against the pointed pricks of the Spirit- we will be kicking God out of our life. We always say how much we need the Spirit to function, and it is true. If we don't act as we should, we will kick that Spirit away to our own detriment. We must not do that. We must serve as if we were truly servants.

That is a way cool blessing! Blessings are awesome. I truly enjoy giving them. I'm glad that you were able to receive what God wanted you to hear! 

Haha those pictures (of trucks on the freeway) remind me of when I was like 11 years old and thought semis were the coolest thing ever and I took dozens of pictures of them as we were on a road trip. Do you remember that? But they look good! I think a photography class sounds like a blast. I would be happy to take your Nikon and try to learn how to use it. I don't know much about photography but I sure want to learn! 

I also got to ride in a Humvee this week! It was sick! 

I hope you have the best week ever! Love you so so so much! 

Your Elder Jackson :)

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