Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Safe and Sound, Boot Gone For Good!

7 December 2015

Zone Meeting

How are you doing this week? I hope you are happy and at peace. This is the most beautiful time of the year and I love being alive and serving a mission during it.

10 weeks and $250 later, I finally got my camera back! I got a more substantive case so hopefully this won't happen again! Just in time to be able to start taking Christmas pics again! And I will keep photobombing as well! I have started making a lot of stir-fry concoctions to try and stay thin, but if you have any quick and healthy 5-min. recipes I could always try those.

Thank you so much for the package!! It is so awesome! Our loft is all Christmasy now and we are loving the Lego calendar! I am so glad you allowed me to continue that tradition. We are taking turns opening one every other day. It just confirms my suspicions that I am still 4 years old. I really do appreciate the thought though. It means a lot and I love it. 

I had a follow-up appointment and I am officially cleared of the boot! WOOOOO! They said to keep doing PT and I should be able to run the majestic Mormon missionary I am. I am truly so lucky to have been able to stay on my mission with how long it took (11+ weeks). My journaling is going well. I try to write a little every night. I am also starting a gratitude journal.

I am all safe and ok. It was scary to hear that it was so close! (It was in Jers' mission though!). I am saddened at the shear number of shootings taking place these days. No one was hurt in our mission, but it was interesting to find out that the shooter went to high school at La Sierra High School, which is right across the street from where we go to church every Sunday. The family we live with also have a friend that was his neighbor and there are tons of people who knew him in high school. It is crazy!  I just pray that it doesn't happen again and I am so grateful for the peace that comes from the Gospel.

We have had a great week over here! We have had one of the better weeks we have ever had and it felt great! We had more member-present lessons than we ever had before and we are seeing a lot of progress made by our investigators. ____, the one we call our "Miracle Investigator", is progressing at an amazing rate and has a great testimony. She wants to follow Christ in all aspects of her life and is willing to make whatever sacrifices needed to do so (she immediately gave up coffee as soon as we taught the Word of Wisdom). She is all interviewed and set to be baptized this upcoming Sunday (the 13th)! It is amazing that the Lord has entrusted a servant as flawed and imperfect as me enough to teach one of His elect daughters. It is amazing how it really is the Holy Ghost that teaches people, and not us missionaries. We make mistakes and get nervous, but the power of the Holy Ghost really does touch people's hearts and allows them to see of the truthfulness of this Gospel and that it really is THE Church of Jesus Christ.

I had a really powerful experience this week reading John 6 and 7. It just reaffirmed to me that this Gospel is the Lord's and that it is 100% true. The Gospel just makes sense and it is without fault. It has the ability to feed all that come hungering and thirsting after truth and love. It binds and heals every pain and infirmity. There is nothing more true than this Gospel because it encompasses all truth, and I find that mind-blowing. It is so humbling to be part of this great work that very obviously has the Lord's hand in it. I am truly blessed, and I could do well to remember my blessings more and always strive to have a heart brimming with thanksgiving.

 Stay safe and remember who you're not ;)

PS: I got a call from my mission president today reminding me that all mail that is sent to me is sorted in the mission office by missionaries, so to all: please don't write anything on letters that could be embarrasing to yourself, me, the mission, or the Church. Thank you! We just are always representing the Lord and cannot afford to be too casual in our communication. If you could just let people know that, that would be great! Thanks!

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