Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Future Missionary



I love that picture! Haha that is hilarious! 

This week was awesome! We worked our tails off, trying to do everything possible in order to get members out with us and to preach repentance and baptism in every lesson. It was amazing how strong the Spirit was and how much love I felt from our Heavenly Father as we thrust in our sickle with all of our might. We applied the advice given to us in our interviews with our mission president and refocused on our purpose. It was amazing to see the fruits of that decision. One of the most exciting fruits of that was quickly following-up on a potential investigator and then in turn picking up two new super solid investigators named David and Kevin who have both been so prepared by the Lord. When we taught the Restoration, the Spirit was without a doubt there and they even said how much they felt their faith grow. They excitedly accepted a baptismal date and to read the Book of Mormon. They weren't able to come to church, but I have full faith that they will. They both said they've been looking for something and readily accepted this as that missing thing, It is so amazing to see how the Lord really does keep His promises and that if we do all we can, success will come; He is bound to His word. It was so great! Today we also taught a lesson to a young 8 year old girl who's grandpa and older sister are both members, and even though she is young, she wants to follow Christ and be baptized! It was adorable. Teaching kids is so much better than adults: kids get so excited when you teach, and they don't have all of these nasty preconceived notions about the church. Instead they just love what they're learning and are so pure! It was definitely a miracle!  

That is so cool to hear about Stacy! Congrats to her! I bet she will really like that! I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well at all! I hope you get better! What is it that you have? Just a nasty head cold? Those are always the worst! Especially when you are on vacation! I'm sorry. You are totally right, at the beginning of my mission, it seemed like every couple of weeks I was getting something to keep me inside, but I have been quite lucky these past few months. I was really afraid because there is a nasty flu going around the mission and I was pretty sure I was starting to feel some of the symptoms, but I think I was just physically exhausted and needed some good rest. I've been trying to go to bed early the past few days.

(NOTE: This post is from the week of June 13th)

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