Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hot Hot Hot! Things are Warming Up!

Feeling Better

Thank you so much Mom for your loving words of encouragement. They really helped a lot! I am feeling much better now and seem to be adjusting to this call well. I am grateful to have such amazing parents as you and dad to help me. I have prayed harder this week than I think I ever have before in my life and I've felt God's hand in my life. I have really tried to develop charity for those whom I serve, and I feel myself becoming (hopefully) more loving to all. 

Moreno Valley is SUCH a big difference from Corona, where everyone is rich and white. We hear gunshots quite often here and have met some pretty rough-and-tumble folks! But I love it! The people here actually give you the time of day and are willing to listen! It is great!

Wow! I am loving Moreno Valley! I did love Corona, but I don't think it gets much better than this! The people here are so humble and open and it is insane how many people here are so prepared to receive the gospel! We really experienced some amazing miracles this week in our work. It reminded me of how the Lord really is a "fourth-watch God" in that He often waits until it seems what we've endeavored to do is impossible and we've come up short of our goals again, and then He intervenes and showers us in blessings for faithfully enduring and staying diligent! That is exactly what happened in our case: we were working hard all week, but we were having a difficult time finding new investigators and finding people who wanted to accept a baptismal date. We didn't give up, however, and Sunday we had two investigators show up to church. After church we were able to pick up a new investigator who accepted a baptismal date and said he would come to church. Another man, whom we met also said he would love for us to come by and share the lessons with him, and that he had actually been looking for a church. Our dinner, the Garcia family (who are awesome by the way) brought 3 non-members to dinner and we were able to have a great spiritual lesson with them. We were so richly blessed for our efforts and our faith! And that all just happened in the space of a few hours! There really isn't a better feeling than having the Lord, in His infinite mercy, pour out such blessings, when I am so imperfect and my contribution so minuscule in His great work. But I am so happy that I have the unique opportunity to be serving my King and to be laboring in this great section of His vineyard. Elder Hale and I have been praying hard for a baptism, and we've been doing all we can to achieve it, and I have full trust that we will be able to have success in bringing some of the Lord's precious souls back unto Him. 

I miss Bishop Wadsworth's talks. They are stellar! That is good to hear that I am not the only one who had a rough time in the beginning of my mission! I am sure she will do great! If anyone is qualified to be a missionary, it is one of the Wadsworth's kids. And I bet England will be so much fun!

I need to help you when I get back with Family History. I have so neglected that, and I am sure I will love it once I try it. That sounds pretty cool about the family bible though! Sounds like it is a goldmine! 

Dad said he wants a gun?! Is he feeling alright? haha That is really cool though! Good for you guys! You'll be having NRA stickers on the back of your cars by the time I get home! haha. I hope you enjoy your new gun! 

I love you so so much and can't believe that I am almost at 11 months! I hear it gets faster after the first year, which I don't know if I like the sound of! It is flying by! But I love you a lot and am so grateful to be able to talk to you so often! Have a great week!


Your Elder Jackson :)

Oh tell Trent Loveridge Congrats for me!

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