Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Change is in the Air

It's officially August! Only 11 more days and I'll be halfway done  with my mission! There are 25 missionaries leaving this transfer (including Elders Andrus, Westenskow, Dyer, Glathar and Vang) and 34 coming in. With 1/3 to 1/2 of our mission changing in the coming days and weeks, it has been sad to see some of the missionaries I look up to most, like Elder Westenskow and Andrus and Dyer and Hale (he's still got 6 more weeks), going home. They had a huge impact on me and have changed the kind of missionary I am. I hope to be more like them! I heard this next year flies though! I'm starting to feel old. There are 18 missionaries in our zone, and 4 will be brand new. 

 We had another rough week, in all honesty. We worked hard, but could not get in to any doors or share any messages with anyone about the Restored Gospel. Elder Hale and I both identified things we could improve on, especially continuing to grow our faith and trust in the Lord. We also both feel that the Lord is about to bless us immensely because of our work. Even though we are far from perfect, we have been growing in our diligence and fully believe that the Lord will bless us with an increase of people to teach because of that. Elder Mock also reminded us to make sure that we are diligent in praying oft and always keeping a prayer in our hearts. I am excited to be working with Elder Gulbranson and will continue to improve as a missionary and disciple as I am with him. We will work hard, work smart, and be obedient; and we will baptize in August. 

 I am half sad and half happy. Transfers are today and I will no longer be with Elder Hale :(. He is leaving to be a ZL in the Jurupa Stake for his last 6 weeks. I wasn't able to serve my mission in Canada, but I won't ever escape the Great White North! My new companion is Elder Gulbranson from British Columbia and he is super awesome! We are going to tear it up this transfer and it will be so great! I am so excited to work with him. He's a great kid who just got done being companions with a former AP, Elder Westenskow.

That is really an adorable baby. She'll be a great mom. I still find it crazy that she is only a few months older than me and she already has a kid. I'm happy for her. You sure do look tiny compared to the Smithson clan though! There are two sets of missionaries in our ward and Elder Hale is 6'4" and bigger, and we have a 5'2" Elder Vang who is slim and Hmong there too. It's funny to see them side-by-side. You look good though!!

That is scary about the fire! I'm glad it got put out. That is never fun. I'm sure that got your nerves. Enjoy Kentucky! There was a fire here and it was super humid and muggy, so I know how you feel! I love you lots! Stay safe and know that I love and miss you mucho!! I pray for you guys every night too!


Your Elder Jackson

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