Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moreno Valley Is Great!

      Moreno Valley is great! There is just so much success to be found here and it is awesome to see the light in missionary's eyes as they see that the field here is so incredibly white and the Lord is just waiting to pour out His blessings if we just believe and do our part. Elder Gulbranson and I have seen so much success that we don't even really know how to handle it. Our mission fast for success in missionary work really worked, and the Lord did pour out His Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people to receive the word of the Lord with gladness. As things stand currently, we will be baptizing each month in September! We have been floored how incredibly solid the people we've been finding are and how enthusiastically they accept to learn more and be baptized by proper authority. 

That is terrifying about all of the fires! There have been some here and parents have been calling out of concern, but all have been 20+ miles away, even though the destruction was fairly severe in some cases. That is good though that there wasn't any crazy dangerous fires and that everything turned out alright. Fires are scary! Nature really is a powerful thing, and we really are "dust". Thank goodness we have been blessed with the safety we've enjoyed so far!

That is great about Simone Biles. I am happy for her and the rest of team USA. I heard they were a class act, especially compared to the swim team. Usain Bolt is crazy fast. Did he beat his own records again?

We taught Crystel the remainder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom, and even though she has a few issues with coffee, she said that she is excited for the challenge and knows that living a commandment of God will bless her life! She says she is slowly, bit by bit, receiving a sure witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that she loves church. She is preparing well to be baptized on the 4th of September.

Hila is a miracle. He is so incredibly humble and prepared to receive God's word. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and Tithing this week, and he was so grateful for the new knowledge and direction that the plan of happiness brings. His tears of gratitude make all the hard work we do worth it. He also proposed to his member girlfriend this week and said that he wants his future father-in-law to be the one who baptizes him. He has built my own faith so much that there are solid future converts out there for each one of us to find, teach and baptize, if we are but diligent, faithful and positive. He is preparing to be baptized on the 10th of September.

Oh, we got rescue some stray kittens!

Rayli is someone who is truly elect. She is so sensitive to and cognoscente of the Spirit. She was a referral from a member in Redlands (her aunt) and said that she was excited to learn about the church, because she felt so great when she had gone with them to church. As we taught her, the Spirit was so incredibly strong and there was not an ounce of doubt in that room that what was being taught was completely true. She enthusiastically accepted a date and has been devouring all of the material we've given her and already feels strongly that this church is true, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that baptism is the most important step she can make. She will be baptized on the 18th of September and we couldn't be more excited and grateful for the opportunity we have to teach her. My testimony in unplanned finding opportunities has so been strengthened so dramatically these past few weeks as we have really been diligent in doing it. We've found so many people to share the restored gospel with through it. 

Andrew C. got baptized yesterday!! It was so cool! He had so much support and love from everybody. I am so incredibly happy for this wonderful step in his eternal life!

Today we got to go to the temple (which is why I am writing today) and it was great! I was able to do a session for a man from Delaware.

We also got to meet one of the actors from 17 Miracles, who just moved to Moreno Valley! His name is Travis and he is super cool! He was kind enough to talk to us and allow us to take pictures with him. He gave some of the other Elders rides to the temple. Blessings of a mission! Oh, and we had a member pay for our lunch :) So many blessings! We also rescued some stray kittens!

  Have the best week ever!


Your Elder Jackson :)​

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