Thursday, June 8, 2017

We had a great Memorial Day. We went to the Riverside National Cemetery (it is huuuuuuuge! It has to be over a few square miles of just thousands and thousands of graves). It was awesome. We went through and picked up flags that had been placed on each grave. It's amazing how many people have served this country to keep it safe. There was also a really cool Medal of Honor memorial there that we checked out. America is the coolest. 

I feel like a real missionary now that I've been bit by a dog. Thankfully I don't have rabies and it doesn't look like it will get infected (Boy Scouts does come in handy!). The bite only went a little in and wasn't too intense. Maybe it will leave a cool scar that I can make my mission seem super intense when I'm dating haha. But it was totally worth it because afterward, the lady who owns the dog let us in and we were able to have a fantastic lesson. She accepted a baptismal date (Elder Broadhead is getting really good at inviting!) and to read the Book of Mormon. She came to church yesterday as well and really enjoyed it! Her name is Crystal R. and she is a NICU nurse at Loma Linda and is a very good friend with our former Bishop's wife, who also works there. She is also good friends with members who live across the street. She has had missionaries talk to her before but apparently they had never invited her to learn more. She quickly accepted it and said she has always had questions she has wanted answered. It's amazing how much the Lord really does bless us when we believe that there are people out there who are ready to receive the gospel. 

March Air Force Base Museum service.

We met a guy who played basketball at BYU but who is not a member. It was kind of cool to hear about his experience there. He is still not of our faith but is very involved in a church. 

Elder Broadhead is doing very well! I am very impressed with him and his skills. He is getting very comfortable with talking to people  on the streets now and in lessons. I couldn't be happier with my companion.

Things are going great! I'm trying really hard to stay focused because honestly it is a little tough with how soon I will be coming home. But I've decided to only think about school stuff on Mondays and to not think about anything non-productive so that I can push hard to the end. I had a missionary tell me about a year ago that once you start to get to the last few months, its incredibly hard to focus with all that is running around in your mind with what is just around the corner and I agree. But I won't let that hold me down! I am going to finish strong! 


Your Elder Jackson :)

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