Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brother Samuelu, "He's the coolest!"

 This week was absolutely fantastic. I was really taught a lot by the Lord. Last week I realized that my effort could use some work so I set out at the start of last week to push as hard as I could this week and to qualify more for the Holy Ghost. Long story short, I am prideful and need to humble myself and I need to grow my faith more by being more diligent and finish my mission sprinting. I just need to make sure I don't forget this important lesson over the next few weeks!

I have been focusing on increasing my faith by asking the Lord in prayer every morning to lead me to those I can baptize and to help me be able to treat this day as if it's my only day to serve Him. I also have been asking what I need to study multiple times during my personal study both for myself and my investigators. I honestly forgot to do it many times but I did notice a big difference in my attitude and the Spirit I felt during the week. I realize how easy it is to plateau and unless we are constantly looking for ways God wants us to improve, we will start digressing in our progression (Alma 37:41).  We saw some miracles in the Samoan ward this week by being led to a really cool set of cousins. We felt strongly to stop by this one family but they were not there and we talked to the younger cousins instead. We taught them the message of the Restoration and they accepted! It was awesome. We also were blessed to find some way cool people in the Lasselle Ward. We had 3 of them show up to church too! It is a huge blessing. 

It is crazy to think that there in only a week and a half left of having President and Sister Mullen as my Mission President and wife. They go home the last day of June. It's sad! I'm going to miss them. We had a really good multi-zone conference this week in which they said goodbye to us and shared their testimonies, advice and the Doctrine of Christ. It was powerful. 

I agree, I think the amount of time I have home will be perfect. Not too long or too short. I hope I can adjust in that amount of time. It is also really nice to know where I will be living and to have that all taken care of.

It is hot here but I think I've adjusted. We went hiking this morning and it got up to almost 100 by the time we finished and I didn't notice. I guess 4 years in this kind of heat makes it not seem so bad! 

I am really determined to give it my all these last few weeks I have left! I love you so so much and I hope you have a fantastic week! Stay safe and enjoy your travels! Love you!!

Your Elder Jackson :)

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