Thursday, June 15, 2017

This week was a very interesting one. First off, I honestly feel like the Lord was letting me know all throughout the week that He was expecting more out of me. I was pushing hard but not giving my whole 100% effort, and He let me know he wanted all 100%. After some pondering and prayer and talking with my companion, Elder Broadhead, I identified the things that I should work on. We started pushing with full-steam and it was really cool how my whole attitude changed. It's funny how sometimes you have to relearn things many times. I felt the Spirit in so much of a greater abundance. The miracles started to come again and I again felt like the Lord trusted us.

I was reading in Alma 37 and 38 this week where Alma is counseling his sons. I really enjoyed how he was telling his son Helaman that he must stay focused and diligent or else, just like Lehi's family, he would wander and not progress in his journey. To his son Shiblon he counseled that he stay faithful and steady so the Lord would continue to bless him (endure to the end). I was led to Alma 25:15-16 which taught me that obedience builds faith in Christ. His obedience also brought Alma (and God) great joy. Our diligence and obedience bring about 3 major things that I see: 1) blessings from God 2) makes God and our leaders and loved ones joyful and 3) builds our faith in Christ, which faith is a requisite component of the doctrine of Christ, which is what we must live to be saved. It blew my mind. My whole outlook on obedience was changed (again). It motivated me to be increasingly more obedient and to not slacken, especially now at the close of my mission. I will admit, it's tougher to stay focused and diligent now with all that will be happening in the coming months, but I see now that I cannot afford to do anything other than sprint to the end. I cannot give God a satisfactory answer if I do not. I have seen miracles in my mission, and there is no reason I can't have more of them. I am excited to continue applying what I learned last week in this upcoming week so I can start on my journey once again and not wander aimlessly in the wilderness.

I hope your week is the best! Here are some pictures and a video from our service at March Field Air Museum and one of the ginormous cargo planes taking off, as well as one with my ZL Elder Whiting.

Love you tons!

Your Elder Jackson :) 

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