Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sad Goodbyes

Some of the coolest missionaries I know!
This week I came to know the Savior more as I studied His teachings to the apostles regarding growing faith and overcoming doubts. I was again baffled by the complete lack of of doubt that the Savior had. He was in the same situations that the apostles were in (such as casting out devils or walking on the water) but was able to do so much more than them because he did not have any doubt. He believed completely in Himself and knew He was doing His Father's will. I was really excited to learn more about this and to start applying it. I need to have more faith so that I can be the tool through which miracles can happen. 

Things are going well here in Lasselle and Ironwood. I am excited for all the good things that happening. We are having a lot of member involvement, people at church, etc. It is great! I'm pumped. We are having a baptism this Sunday!

I am really sad that President and Sister Mullen are leaving this Friday. It will be an interesting transition. We'll see how it goes! I sustain my leaders though. I know President Hammon is called of God. 

It has been waaaaayy hot here. Yesterday was 111. But water helps! 

We had a few missionaries come home here in Moval so they are way excited to help us out and give us referrals. You are right, the responsibility to share the gospel is actually not on the missionaries, but it is on the members. The members are to find and the missionaries are to teach. The more members do missionary work, the more the church grows. The counsel given all throughout the D&C in regards to missionary work is for all members, not just missionaries. 

Tell the family hi for me! I am excited to see them all. I hope they can all be at the airport when I arrive. I got my itinerary this week from President Mullen during my exit interview. Ahhh it was so spiritual but it is also so sad. I will be so bummed when my mission comes to an end. It's getting real. This is my last transfer. Ever. It's sad. 

Here's a sample of a Samoan dinner and some shirts I designed for the mission! The Justs are some of the coolest missionaries I know and they are heading home this week :(

Love you so much! 


Your Elder Jackson :) 

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